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By downloading photos from the above links you agree to the following Limited Copyright License Agreement:
Licensor (PICTURETIME LLC) and Licensee (CLIENT) agree to the following terms:
Licensor retains all copyright and moral rights to each image. Licensor also retains all rights not expressed
in the agreement including advertising rights.
Licensee may not transfer this license to other parties without written permission from Licensor.
Licensee agrees that altering images is prohibited without first receiving written permission from Licensor.

All photographs and rights therein, including copyright, remain the sole and exclusive property of PICTURETIME LLC.
PICTURETIME LLC retains for life reproduction and display rights to all photographs for use in providing images to
future clients so long as they are deemed public in nature, photographic competition, promotional materials and any publication
of an original manuscript or portfolio presentation for trade or other use.
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