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10 Things To Do Before Your Photo/Video Shoot

  1. Let There Be Light
    Videos and photos love light. The more the better so please turn on ALL lights. This includes lighting over the stove, under cabinet lights, interior cabinet lights, lamps, etc… Please replace any burnt out or missing light bulbs. Check all the light bulbs in your chandeliers.  Crank the dimmers up.
  2. Lose Fido (Temporarily)
    We love pets as much as you do, but no matter how cuddly and adorable, they never add anything to a property video or photo shoot. Potential buyers do not need to know about how many places Rover has marked within your home. Please arrange to have pets out of the home or garage during the shoot. Also please remove evidence of pets: beds, toys, bowls, dishes, litter boxes, etc....
  3. Give the Butler the Day Off
    It’s best to arrange your video and photo shoot for a day when no household help will be present. Landscapers, gardeners, house cleaners, maintenance, etc… should ideally be there the day before the shoot.
  4. We Love Our Fans
    Ceiling fans add a nice touch to both property videos and photos. Please give all ceiling fans a good dusting and set them to their lowest settings prior to our arrival.
  5. Pull The Rug Out From Under Them
    Buyers can be a cynical bunch and sometimes assume the worst. If you have area rugs and bath mats present, buyers will often assume you are hiding something under them. Remove all removable rugs and mats that actually aren’t covering a blemish in the wood or a cracked tile. If your hardwoods have a noticeable difference in fading from where the area rugs have been, leave the rugs where they are. But if the floors under the rugs and mats look just as good as the uncovered floors, remove the rugs and mats so buyers can see how wonderful the floors look.
  6. Put The Pedal To The Metal
    Please move all cars from the driveway and from in front of the property. Put them in the garage (if you have one). Park them a few houses down the street if necessary. We often take “approach shots” and the fewer vehicles visible in the general area the better. Or see item #10 and go for a ride somewhere.
  7. Clean Out The Fridge
    No, not inside. We’re talking about the exterior of the fridge here. This will give you a great excuse to finally clear off the top of the fridge that you’ve been avoiding forever. Magnetic poetry, adolescent artistic masterpieces, post-it notes, grocery lists and pictures of last summer’s family reunion may have tremendous sentimental value to you, but they do nothing for property videos and photos. Empty, clean, clutter-free surfaces work best. All that stuff can go right back up after we leave.
  8. Counter Culture
    Please clear off all kitchen counters and island of any extraneous equipment. Microwaves, bread makers you use twice a year, blenders you use more frequently, toaster ovens, coffee makers, etc… should be tucked away out of sight for the shoot. Buyers want to see a wide-open, spacious kitchen with plenty of available work surfaces. The less clutter they see, the better. If your trash can isn’t incorporated into a cabinet, move it out of sight somewhere.
  9. Watch a Few Episodes of “Designed to Sell”
    We’ve all seen enough HGTV to know the basics of home staging. Less is more. Prepare to give the house a thorough clean-up the day before and the morning of the shoot. Pick up and conceal all the kids’ toys. Make all the beds. Clean up all the clothes. Tidy walk-in closets if they deserve to be filmed. Put down toilet seats and clear off bathroom counters. Take shampoo, razors, etc… out of showers and hide them under cabinets. De-clutter. De-clutter some more. Do whatever you can to make your house look its best. Pretend you are preparing for a busy open house because, in theory, you actually are. The difference is this open house is going to be the virtual kind and it’s going to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the entire world.
  10. Take a Hike
    Go fly a kite, go to the gym, see a movie, grab lunch… whatever it is you like to do to kill a few hours. Our video and photography shoots always go smoother with less people and animals around. Sometimes a perfect shot or video sequence can be ruined by an innocent bystander being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing personal (after all it IS your home), but in order to get the best video and photography possible, it works best to leave us be to do our thing.