For many creatives, the roar of the crowd is everything — the adoration, the energy, and the passion. It’s a high that most of us can only dream of. But for Niels Johansen it was a fleeting high that left him empty. The ovations, the awards, and the piano mastery that earned them, just weren’t enough. He needed something more to sate his love of artistic expression — something that lasted beyond the fading notes of his last performance.

He decided to take a bold leap. And as often happens to those with vision, a net appeared to catch him …

Niels got his first camera at fifteen. Growing up on a farm in Denmark, he was never lacking for inspiration, and it soon became apparent in the vivid quality of his work, that he was on to something with his new passion. There were no roaring crowds or grandiose spotlights anymore. But the permanence of his photos and the pleasure that they spread, gave him satisfaction that didn’t fade into an artistic hangover.

Today, Niels is recognized as a force-of-nature in the fields of business and artistic photography and videography. His professional specialty is luxury, high-end Real Estate and Development projects in the Miami area.But he also works with aspiring models in need of captivating portfolios for professional agencies. Artistically, he turns the keys over to the whimsy of his heart and the direction of the wind — often achieving great feats of artistic creation and technology. He still strokes the keys on occasion, but now it’s just for fun … and maybe just a little bit, for the warm rush of a cheering audience.
Professional Photographer and Videographer
Real Estate - Life Style - Commercial
Drone Pilot - FAA Certified - Insured
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