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Top 10 Ways to Get Construction Site Video with Drones

Top 10 Ways to Get Construction Site Video with Drones

Get Complete Construction Site Video with Drones

A construction site can be a big piece of land, and it’s difficult to see all of it sometimes, Drones can get you complete overhead construction site video.

A single drone can gather over 20 million data points in just 30 minutes over 50 acres. How fast can your traditional survey team do that?

I’m sure you can do the math in your head: drones have the ability to not only save you 10s of 1000s of dollars in man hours, but they can actually boost your bottom line in the end.

Goldman Sachs estimates that the construction industry will spend over $1 billion on drone purchases between 2016 and 2020.

They wouldn’t be making such a huge investment if the use of drones and construction site video wasn’t going to be immensely profitable for this sector.

These ten ways to use drones for your construction project will make is clear that you need to invest in construction site video yesterday.

1. Land Surveying

One of the first steps construction companies take when sizing up a project, drones make land surveying far more inexpensive by saving on time and equipment costs.

A single drone can replace an entire team of surveyors that would normally have to go out and physically survey the proposed land.

There’s also the additional expense of sophisticated equipment, transportation, and unforeseen hurdles that inevitably arise.

Instead, a drone can get a quick sense of the land as well as make detailed photographic and digital scans.

This simple overview can also quickly show where the site is in relation to other potential issues, and can even quickly establish where roads leading in and out may need to be built.

2. Maintenance Inspections

For existing buildings or other structures like bridges or towers, maintenance is a vital but potentially dangerous endeavor.

Costly man-hours and expensive safety equipment need to be met just for a person to be able to assess the situation.

For instance, expensive scaffolding would be needed along with a small crew just to get high enough on a house chimney to make an initial assessment of the situation.

On the other hand, sending up a drone only takes one person and can see every angle in moments.

Then, if manpower is needed to make repairs or conduct routine maintenance, the expensive procedures can be planned out at that time.

3. Marketing and Promotion

Marketing for a construction firm is vital to gaining and maintaining clients.

In the old days, a physical model or 3D rendering of the finished construction project were your only options.

But with construction site video from a drone, HD renderings laid over the existing landscape leave little to the imagination.

This is a fantastic tool that can be used not only for the builders and their existing clients but to attract new clients by comparing drone image renderings with real-world completed projects.

This can also help with real estate agents who need drone photography to pre-sell the properties in question.

4. Building Surveying

As with maintenance issues, surveying existing buildings that you need to work on, or build nearby, require costly man hours and equipment.

Roof access is typically needed to fully survey an existing structure, which may not be easily accessed.

Drones, however, have no such restrictions. A single drone can view every angle of the building along with neighboring structures that may need addressing.

5. Health and Safety Monitoring

Identifying health and safety issues before they become a problem is typically done by boots on the ground.

Safety managers have the task of identifying safety issues and dealing with them effectively.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get the big picture of an entire work site from the ground level.

This is where drones come in. Having a thorough construction site video can quickly identify potential safety hazards.

Safety managers can then focus their attention on those areas as a priority rather than hoping to find something by walking the site by foot.

This will also help save on insurance premiums and potential city fees by identifying and eliminating safety issues before official inspectors find them.

6. Worker Monitoring

Workers always perform well when the boss is around, but not always so efficiently when there are no eyes on them.

It’s an unfortunate fact of any industry.

Having and eye in the sky can quickly point out less productive workers and less productive site areas.

Correcting these deficiencies will increase overall productivity, and thus help you come in on budget every time.

7. Progress Reports

Being able to show your investors and/or clients progress on the project is essential to your business. While boots on the ground is a visceral way to show progress, a more efficient way is by construction site video.

Your investors and clients no longer have to trek to a distant site and spend hours walking the site in order to see their project’s progress.

This can also be an immense boost to international clients wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to physically be present on site.

8. Laser and Thermal Imaging Scanning

Laser scanning for BIM (Building Information Models) is essential to getting a perfectly accurate model of a building or structure.

Getting such detailed scans is nearly impossible with traditional methods.

Putting people up on a crane or scaffolding is costly and dangerous. Sending up a drone can get better results with much less risk.

Thermal scanning can also help engineers pinpoint hot or cold spots in electrical or heating structures making them much easier to correct.

9. Construction Site Video Inspections

Inspections, especially of hazardous construction areas, can be dangerous and costly.

Routine inspections can also slow down or bring construction to a halt if special precautions are necessary to conduct the inspections.

Alternatively, sending in a drone doesn’t need to interrupt work, nor does it require special safety measures a human would need for hazardous areas.

10. Multiple Job Site Monitoring

Finally, most construction companies are working on several different locations at the same time.

Having the ability to monitor multiple sites at the same time is an invaluable time saver.

Instead of getting in your truck, or sending out teams, a simple drone fly over can monitor and assess any issues that may need attending to in minutes rather than hours.

As you can see, a drone creating a construction site video has far more pros than cons. The savings both in time and money are massive.

There are many services available for all manner of drone video or photography needs. Find the best in your area. It’ll save you a fortune in the end.



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