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Real Estate Drone Video: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best

Real Estate Drone Video: Your Guide to Getting the Best

Real estate drone video isn’t going away – nor should it be. But from FAA regulations to picking quality video, you need this guide to get the job done right.

When a purveyor of high end real estate is ready to buy, she wants to know her options without having to go to great lengths.

On the flip side, when a seller is ready to put his luxury real estate on the market, he wants the best “publicity” for it.

It’s no secret that marketing real estate property is tough these days.

Since online listings generate the most leads, the internet is where the majority of prospective buyers begin their search. So what can a seller and his agent do to make his property stand out from the rest?

With the increasing popularity of drones, people are turning their attention to real estate drone video to give both buyers and sellers an advantage in this highly competitive market. It’s an especially pertinent service for those looking to buy or sell luxury properties.

There’s no shortage of luxury real estate for sale in Miami and south Florida.

This very fact has sparked the interest of a small handful of photographers in the area to venture into the field of real estate video drone photography and become aerial providers of such services.

This isn’t child’s play. It’s a big deal.

The FAA is issuing more and more permits and continues to hash out the guidelines for commercial use. So using qualified real estate drone video will become increasingly popular.

If you’re a real estate agent, now is the time to get in on this new trend. You’ll be offering a service with serious wow factor that most others don’t.

And if you’re looking to buy or sell luxury real estate, you’ll get the upper hand if you go with an agent who is using drones for their real estate photography.

There are more advantages to real estate drone video than you may realize.

The use of drones, i.e. unmanned aircraft systems, can show potential buyers a variety of details that you’d never find in a traditional listing.

A prospective buyer is able to see:

  • Comprehensive aerial views of the entire property and land
  • What the drive to work or the kids’ walk to school would look like
  • The neighborhood and area around the home, as well as its proximity to amenities
  • Civic developments or local improvement districts to which the prospective buyer’s property taxes may contribute

A seller now has access to affordable elevated imagery.

Yeah, elevated photography isn’t new.

But until the development of real estate drone video, real estate agents had to obtain elevated photography using airplanes and helicopters. This was a costly process and greatly limited the number of properties one could afford to shoot.

Drones slash the cost of shooting elevated imagery. As such, you are able to use their aerial footage on many more listings, regardless of price range.

Whether it’s to spotlight a beautiful courtyard, a gorgeous waterfront view or an amazing swimming pool, real estate drone video captures the beauty and the utility of a home and the property around it far better than simple ground-based photography or video can.

And real estate agents really stand to gain from adding real estate drone video to their list of services.

There are a number of reasons for this.

1. Drones are hot right now.

They are the saucy subjects of articles in newspapers, fluff pieces on the evening news and a whole slew of blogs. People love novelty.

And since home buying is a hugely emotional decision, novelty sells.

As one successful Boston-based realtor said:

“Recently, a cash buyer from overseas purchased one of my properties sight unseen after watching a video shot partially with drones. Drone video footage adds an exciting dimension and a unique perspective that standard marketing photos can’t convey. Drone photos and videos also help us secure listings and prospective sellers realize that we are offering a tool and resource that not all of our competitors do.”

2. You Can Show the Entire Property

You’ve seen the traditional listings with ground photography.

The listing shows a 7-acre piece of property, but it’s obscured by trees. You don’t get a sense of just how big seven acres is.

A drone shot captures the entire yard in one picture to more effectively show just how big of a space it really is.

3. People Share Drone Videos

And with sharing comes more views. Maybe even the potential to go viral.

Home and property hunters share listing photos with friends and family under the guise of asking for a second opinion. But really, much of the time they’re just sharing something pretty.

4. It Could Be Used as a Prospecting Tool

Go beyond seeing real estate drone video as a way to just market your listings.

What would happen if you pitched a FSBO or expired listing by offering to show them the gorgeous aerial footage of their house/neighborhood/property you just shot last weekend?

How do you think they’d react to a picture like that?

5. Access to the Roof

It makes perfect sense. With real estate drone video, you can show exactly what’s happening up on the roof and put potential buyers at ease.

For example, a South Florida area manager for a commercial roofing business used drones to inspect roofing and waterproofing on a large building.

In the past, they had to hoist workers in construction lift baskets to inspect the roof. The method was costly and carried with it some serious safety concerns.

The drone video revealed some damaged historic tiles which they were able to fix. Without the video, they may not have otherwise been discovered.

Overall, using the drone saved about $10,000 in inspections and probably “$50,000 in liability,” the manager said.

Keep in mind though that not all aerial providers are created equal.

So whether you’re buying or selling your luxury home or property, you want only the highest quality imagery. Obviously.

But it is of the utmost importance that you find a qualified, licensed and insured aerial provider in your area who offers real estate drone video following all of the requirements of the FAA using professional drone equipment.

Not complying could result in heavy fines and other punitive consequences from the FAA for posting media material obtained from non-certified drone operators.

If you’ve had any great experiences using real estate drone video, we’d love to hear about it. Share with us.

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