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Drone services

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For the protection of your investment, we offer aerial drone services that meet applicable rules and regulations

  • FAA exemption 333 certification
  • Liability insurance
  • Professional operation with FAA certified pilots


Anyone who flies a drone must comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules or may be subject to fines that could reach thousands of dollars for illegal operation. For instance, my dentist has a drone, not for clinical use (I hope), but as a hobby and to take videos of his family. Even for these purposes, FAA rules and regulations must be followed.

However, when a video or photographic material is for commercial purposes, e.g. Real Estate listings; the service provider not only need to comply with the general FAA  rules but must also be FAA approved and licensed for commercial drone operations by obtaining a certificate called FAA exemption 333.

We have invested time in specialized training as well as put  great efforts into achieving the necessary skills to obtain FAA exemption 333. Besides, we carry liability insurance and produce professional results.

Keep this in mind when choosing drone services!


PictureTime  FAA 333 Exemption No. 15183

Regulatory Docket No. FAA–2015–4956