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... more than snapping pictures


It's not just snapping pictures and uploading directly from the camera. In this world of smart phones and instant display to social media, many people tend to forget the craftsmanship that goes into producing stunning images.

This  "Before and After" illustrate just that.  Pull the slider left and right to see how the views are recovered in the big panoramic windows. This technique is applied to all my Real Estate work. I am using special software installed in the cameras in order to capture multiple images with different exposures. It usually takes between 7 and 11 images to get the full dynamic range similar to what the human eye is capable of generating. These images are loaded into a computer program for blending, a process that takes several hours. Once completed by the computer, it's time for the human correction and processing of the images. Color correction and vertical lines checked, but sometimes we are dealing with different color temperatures e.g. between windows and incandescent lights. In those cases a much more complicated and manual blending technique is undertaken.